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Seljanovo bb, Porto Montenegro 
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The only authorised IB World School in Montenegro offering three IB programmes, at KSIM we inspire a lifelong love of learning and actively develop global citizenship in a welcoming, supportive environment. Our School belongs to a global network of international schools united through a shared ethos and curriculum, with all of the KSI community being encouraged to live by our KSI Code.  Modeled on both the successful features of Knightsbridge School in London and international standards expected of high-quality schools across the globe, KSI Montenegro offers a unique and compelling approach to education in the beautiful Bay of Kotor.

Primary Years

Preparing students to become active, caring, lifelong learners who demonstrate respect for themselves, others and the world around them.

Middle Years

A coherent and comprehensive curriculum framework that provides academic challenge, promotes and develops life skills.

Diploma Years

An academically challenging programme with final examinations that prepares students for success at university and life beyond.

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Voices from our Community.

We regularly ask the members of our community about their thoughts on school life at KSIM, these are some of the testimonials that we have received.
The teachers set a high level of expectations for students.  There is emphasis on developing children as individuals, and the students respect others and the diversity of opinions and views. The sense of community is strongly developed, and the opinions of both students and parents are highly valued.


Year 12 Parent
Our twin boys joined KSIM from the Netherlands in 2019.  KSIM is a relatively small school with a family atmosphere where all children know each other by name. We feel so lucky that our boys can attend such an amazing school in this beautiful environment, where everything is within walking distance. We love it here!


Year 9 Parent
I am forever grateful for the opportunity to study at KSIM, all the lessons learnt and experiences enjoyed. My teachers and other KSI staff  are probably not even aware of the positive impact they left on us, but they definitely helped me become the person I am today – and I love that person!


I express my gratitude to the entire school community for their dedication and hard work in providing a safe and nurturing learning environment for our children.  We have been impressed with the quality of education and dedication of teachers. We are thrilled to be part of a wonderful learning community.


Year 2 Parent
Moving to Tivat and Montenegro was an important decision for our family, which was fully dependent on Knightsbridge being here. Since the first meeting we had, the staff at school was warm, kind, welcoming with a very professional approach. The Head of School and all staff helped us with orientation at school and in daily life.


Year 6 Parent
Since 2013 my family and KSIM grew up together, experiencing both the challenges of our school’s growth and the joys of its achievements. As a parent, it’s always a pleasure for me to come to school, communicate with teachers and other staff, get feedback, and participate in the life of the community.


Nursery & Year 10 Parent
We have been part of the KSIM community since 2011. Over our years at the school we can attest that the quality of education and overall atmosphere of the school keeps getting better and better. Thanks to both the teaching and administrative staff, KSIM has formed a wonderful and friendly environment of respect.

Oleg & Marina

Year 10 Parents

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Year 6 Market Day Sale!

Year 6 Market Day Sale!

710 Euros was the amazing profit made by our entrepreneurial Year 6 students at their Market Sale. Students were unanimous in their decision to...

What’s the chances?

What’s the chances?

As they concluded their current unit, Year 9 students designed carnival or amusement park-style games that enabled them to apply their mathematics...

Tivat Rugby Tournament

Tivat Rugby Tournament

Well done to all who represented themselves and KSIM at the Tivat Arsenal Rugby Club Schools' Tournament so magnificently.

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“A culture of mutual respect, love, kindness, and openness has been nurtured and the students residing in these facilities were unanimous in their opinion that the boarding house is a very special place indeed.”

–  CIS Team Evaluation, 2021