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Student Wellbeing & Welfare.

In line with the school’s Mission and Vision, KSI Montenegro is committed to ensuring that all children in our care are afforded a safe and secure environment that nurtures academic, social and emotional growth. To this end, we view this commitment as a partnership involving all members of the KSIM community.

A Philosophy of Care

We know that when students are happy and healthy they will be better placed to truly believe in themselves, to take on new challenges, and experience increased success both inside and outside of the classroom. At KSIM we are very proud of our strong culture of community, care and support, driven by wonderful relationships built on trust and respect amongst staff, students and parents. These genuine relationships allow us to really get to know our students on an individual level, personalise their learning experience, and provide them with every opportunity to be all they can be.

Our school counsellor works closely with teachers and students – and spends at least one class per week with all PYP and MYP classes – promoting emotional literacy and mental wellbeing, by engaging students with topics like anti-bullying and cyber-bullying, addiction, assertive communication, stress and anxiety and peer relationships. Additional individual support through individual counselling sessions is also available to all of our students.

Safeguarding & Child Protection.

At KSIM – as stated in our Inclusion Statement – we believe that every child has the right to feel safe and protected from harm, regardless of ability, ethnicity, faith, gender, sexuality, and culture. We recognise that our school is in a unique position of primary responsibility for the safety, care, and welfare of students in our charge. To fulfil this duty of care, we are committed to embedding safeguarding policies, procedures, and guidelines into the overall operations of our school.

Our Designated Safeguarding Officers (seen below) ensure that KSIM follows procedures and processes to safeguard all the children in our care. They can be contacted directly – by students, parents or staff – at any time with queries, questions or concerns.

  • Lea Tomašević – School Counselor & Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)
  • Sue Dixon – Student Support Teacher & Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL)
  • Martina Popović – School Nurse & Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL)

In addition to – and with guidance from – our Safeguarding Leads, all staff at KSIM have a responsibility for the safeguarding of all children. Safeguarding policies, procedures and guidelines will be administered and reviewed by our Safeguarding Officers, with regular reporting on safeguarding issues to the Head of School, Senior Leadership Team, and KSI Executive Board.

Other ways we foster and uphold a safe environment for our students include:

  • A caring and nurturing school environment;
    Strong relationships and mutual respect between staff, parents and students;
  • Adults act as positive role models to children;
  • Clear guidelines and expectations are set for the students;
  • Bespoke wellbeing and emotional literacy classes;
  • A restorative approach to managing difficult situations.
  • Student support services including the counsellor, teachers and pastoral leadership team.