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At KSI Montenegro all students wear the uniform during school hours.

Included in your child’s school fees is one set of School and Sports Uniform. Please complete a Uniform Order Form at the beginning of the school year or as soon as your child joins the school. To return the form, or in case of any questions please contact Ms. Martina Dujmusic.

Uniform Policy 

We believe that our learners feel like a part of the KSI community when they can be seen to be wearing the same KSI Uniform as their peers around the world.

We also believe it encourages students to “be all they can be” and put into action the KS Code throughout their school day. It encourages learners to focus on their studies and “work hard”, and in juxtaposition to this, marks the end of the school day when they can return home to change into their home clothes and relax or “play hard”.

We hope that on their way home from school, students are proud to wear the KSI Uniform and affiliate themselves with the school’s values of commitment, interdependence, confidence and enthusiasm.

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