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Student Workshop for PYPx

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Beginning a journey is really exciting, but beginning a journey in the company of friends where we choose our own direction is something very special. The PYP Exhibition is just that – students finding their voices to inquire into a topic or issue that has a personal connection for them, empowering students to make choices and decisions about the course of their learning.

With the start of this year’s PYP Exhibition just over two weeks away, yesterday our Year 6 students spent the day at Dom Vojske to take part in a workshop to prepare and begin the ‘tuning in’ phase of their inquiries.  They were supported by three amazing students from Year 7/8 who shared their own Exhibition experiences from previous years at KSIM, and helped to facilitate the workshop.

There will be many challenges over the coming weeks for our Year 6 students but, after this workshop they are clearly excited about getting started with PYP Exhibition 2017, and the opportunity to grow and show exactly what dedication, resilience and hard work will bring.



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