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Wellbeing & Child Protection

Wellbeing & Child Protection

In line with the school’s Mission and Vision, KSI Montenegro is committed to ensuring that all children in our care are afforded a safe and secure environment that nurtures academic, social and emotional growth. To this end, we view this commitment as a partnership involving all members of KSIM community.

A Philosophy of Care

We recognise the importance of pastoral care and at KSI we foster an environment where students feel they belong and feel valued. Our staff take a proactive approach to student welfare, ensuring that every student is looked after and any concerns addressed.

KSI schools provide a warm and supportive environment, which enables each learner to be healthy, safe, engaged, and challenged. Class sizes are small so that students are known by all staff members and they feel comfortable to approach any staff member should they need to do so.

Our Pastoral Mentor works closely with students, promoting mental wellbeing and organises workshops engaging students with topics like bullying and cyber-bullying, addiction, assertive communication, stress and anxiety and peer relationships. Additional support through individual counselling sessions is also available to all of our students.

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