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A new informational mini-site

Friday, March 27, 2020

Dear Community,

We can announce new COVID-19 information and guidance page. Please CLICK HERE

As our teachers continue to work hard to find creative ways to facilitate schooling and maximise learning opportunities from home, it has been wonderful to see their initial efforts to set up systems and communication paying off. The technology we have at our disposal makes it possible to continue educating our young learners and make their lives as structured and normal as possible given the incredible abnormality of the entire situation.

But, we have decided to go one step further. You will be able to find every additional information about how KSIM will be operating on our COVID-19 information and guidance page. This page is updated as soon as information is available and decisions are made. Governmental guidance in response to the coronavirus pandemic is being regularly updated and will be posted, in addition regular email updates that will still be sent as newsletters. 

We were all thrown into this situation with a relatively short amount of notice, and none of us can pretend we have all the answers, but by staying positive and focussed on what (and who) really matters, we will all come out on the other side better for having weathered the storm.


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