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Voices from our Community.

We regularly ask the members of our community about their thoughts on school life at KSIM, these are some of the testimonials that we have received. 

Sergi - Current Year 12 Parent (since 2016)

Our two boys have been studying in Knightsbridge School; our eldest successfully graduated and has enrolled in his dream study of game design at a university in the Netherlands. Our younger son joined in the Primary Years and  is close to finishing his education as well.  I really appreciate that the teachers set a high level of expectations for the students.  I am highly impressed that the school puts in a lot of effort every year to further develop the skills of the teachers and the school’s infrastructure – the teachers really make the most of the methodology developed by the IB.  If I was to compare KSIM with the schools in the former Soviet Union countries, it is obvious that there is much more emphasis here on developing children as individuals, and the students really strive to respect others and the diversity of opinions and views.  KSIM has let my sons experience different classmates’ countries and cultures, which has  helped them to recognize and respect their own national traditions and peculiarities.  The sense of community is strongly developed within the school, and the opinions of both students and parents are highly valued and always taken into account – regular meetings with the head of the school lets me and other parents clarify all enquiries promptly and efficiently.   We as parents are very glad to have chosen the KSIM seven years ago as an educational destination for our sons.

Mirna - Current Year 9 Parent (since 2019)

Our twin boys joined KSIM in 2019.  We came directly from our home country the Netherlands, where the boys had always attended local schools. As this was their first international school, we were not sure how they would cope with the lessons in English and the IB curriculum. The KSIM teachers were very supportive and after three months or so, the boys felt totally at home. KSIM is a relatively small school with a family atmosphere. All children know each other by name, from DP classes all the way to Early Years.  In 2020, our boys had to deal with a health issue on the home front, and at the same time everyone had to switch to homeschooling due to COVID. KSIM did an incredible job in making sure that not only the lessons, but also the community feeling continued. When classes on site resumed, KSIM provided a safe and healthy environment, and we felt that the educational level had remained high, despite our challenging situation. We feel so lucky that our boys can attend such an amazing school in this beautiful environment. Everything is walking distance, and each morning starts with a walk along the bay and through the city park. In the afternoons there are either the fun after school activities, playing with friends in Porto Montenegro, or sports activities around Boka Bay. We love it here!

Barbaros - Current Year 6 Parent (since 2018)

Moving to Tivat and Montenegro was an important decision for our family, which was fully dependent on KSI Montenegro being there.  At the time, the upcoming primary school education for our son, and our satisfaction and happiness with the school was the key point for our family to keep on living in Tivat. Since the first meeting we had, the staff at school was warm, kind, welcoming together with a very professional approach. The Head of School and all KSI staff helped us with orientation for everything both at school and daily life.As parents, we can always share our ideas and recommendations about the school and our sons education, and we always feel that we are listened to and recognised, and in this way both our son and us feel privileged and happy.  The school managed every difficulty during and after the Covid19 pandemic and made us feel lucky to be here. Now our son is graduating from the Primary Years Programme and we are able to make plans to remain here in Tivat for longer thanks to our school. 

Tatiana - Current Year 10 & Nursery Class Parent (since 2013)

Our family is one of the school’s most long-time members. Ten years together with all three children attending.  Now there are two with our eldest daughter graduating and now studying her chosen speciality at the Vienna State University in the chosen specialty.  We moved to Montenegro 

for reasons of the children’s health, and found a school here that fully meets our needs.  We grew up together, experiencing, among other things, both the challenges of our school’s growth and the joys of its achievements.  I can appreciate the whole cycle of the learning process – from 

the Early Years to the Diploma Programme.  The results of my children are an indicator of the effectiveness of the school and staff.  The involvement of parents and the communication between different nationalities is one of the advantages that I discovered for myself when I moved to an unfamiliar country.  The school gave us this strong platform.  As a parent, it’s always a pleasure for me to come to the school, communicate with staff and teachers, get feedback, and participate in the life of the Community.

Oleg & Marina - Current Year 10 Parents (since 2011)

We have been part of the KSIM community since 2011, with our two children being students at the school. Our older son graduated after spending 10 years at KSIM and has successfully entered the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. The school follows the IB programme, and we consider this programme to be the best possible preparation for future studies.  KSIM faithfully adheres to the IB programme, over our years observing the school we can attest that the quality of education and overall atmosphere of the school keeps getting better and better. Thanks to both the teaching and administrative staff, KSIM has formed a wonderful and friendly environment and respect. The staff are always prepared and available for open communication, are constantly helpful in solving various questions or concerns, and pay close attention to the requests and suggestions of parents. Through the years the school has formed very nice traditions such as the International Day, Sports Days, Winter and Summer Shows, coffee mornings with the Director. All of this helps form a stronger sense of unity between parents, students, and teachers. We are very happy that our children have the opportunity of studying and KSIM, and we wish it even further growth and accomplishment.