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Boarding at KSI Montenegro

Boarding at KSI Montenegro

KSI Montenegro's boarding school is the leading international boarding school in the country, offering the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum.



Located within the world-class facilities of Porto Montenegro, KSI Montenegro offers co-educational boarding to students aged 11-18 years with separate facilities for boys and girls. 

Boarding provides an environment where students and teachers live and study together. Our Boarders benefit from heightened interaction with teachers and develop enduring friendships and an understanding and respect for other cultures. The KSIM Boarding House is currently (2022-23) home to students from Bulgaria, Germany, Montenegro,  Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

Benefits of Boarding:

  • Gain confidence, responsibility and independence
  • Experience new activities
  • Form lifelong friendships
  • Develop cultural awareness and respect for others
  • English language immersion
  • Outstanding level of pastoral support
  • Interact with students of all ages and backgrounds


KSI Montenegro offers a flexible boarding package to meet the individual needs of the modern family. Accommodating both local and international needs, families can select from two boarding options:

  • 5 days a week boarding
  • 7 days a week boarding


KSI Montenegro offers co-educational boarding with separate facilities for girls and boys. Students are housed in large comfortable bedrooms, with a maximum of three beds.  Students of different nationalities, cultures and languages are mixed to facilitate cultural curiosity, understanding and appreciation, and to challenge students to “be all you can be”. Consideration is also made toward the health, happiness and academic development of each student, in addition to developing the language of instruction – English.

KSIM is situated within the Porto Montenegro complex, Tivat’s former naval base that has become the newest luxury marina in the Adriatic. The location is ideal, offering KSI learners an extended classroom, access to land and water sports, a museum and its historical artifacts. Beyond Tivat, the Vrmac mountains, the national park at Lovcen and Skadar lake are ready to be discovered. Students participate in hiking, kayaking, skiing, sailing, the arts and historical research. The opportunities are endless.


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