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"KSIM played an important factor in choosing to make Montenegro our home. Before moving to Montenegro, our son--who was just 10, had already attended five different schools on three different continents in 4 languages. That odyssey taught us what was important for us in a school.  

If you are looking for a rigid, traditional school that adheres to a particular national curriculum, then KSIM is probably not for you. On the other hand, if you believe there are better ways to prepare your children for the future than the methods employed when we were young, KSIM could be a good fit.  KSIM is a progressive, modern, International Baccalaureate school.

It is not a large school, and there are of course trade-offs with smaller schools, but for us, the personalized attention our child receives at KSIM more than makes up for any drawbacks. His teachers understand who he is and how he learns, and they take that into account as they teach him. His teachers have always been available to discuss any concerns we have had. Likewise, the KSIM administration is open-minded and practical about how to best prepare children for life on their own.

KSIM is growing, but the school remains committed to small class sizes.  There will always be areas that can be improved, but one of the great things about KSIM is that it gets better every year.  For us, KSIM has become more than just a school; it is a community. We are all different, and we celebrate that. In short, we are proud members of the KSIM community and we look forward to welcoming new families into it." - Brad, Year 7 Parent


"My daughter has been studying at KSIM for two years. This is her third IB School, she was previously in Belgium and Holland. Compared to large European educational institutions, the school in Montenegro is very intimate, with a pleasant, family atmosphere. Obvious advantages of this school is the small class sizes and the individual approach to each child, where teachers recognise and develop the child's talents. 

Another important aspect of school life is the close interaction between teachers, parents and KSIM leadership in solving any problems - whether educational, organizational or concerning the further development of this young and growing school. As a parent we feel part of the KSIM community, our opinions are taken into account which has a very positive outcome in the life of the school. The teachers are great and work cohesively, united by a common idea - to make learning fun and interesting. Children are taught independence and encouraged to be 'inquirers' ask questions, explore and voice their opinions, shaping those basic skills that will be useful to children in any profession they choose. My daughter goes to school with great excitement and a love for learning!" - Natalya, Year 10 Parent


"Our two children joined KSIM in 2015 and are loving it. KSI Montenegro offers various activities and programmes that appeal to children and also parents of the school. Our choice was mainly supported by the fact that the school was offering the IB curriculum, well known in all education systems in Europe and overseas. The local and international staff and teachers all value the IB program and know how to transfer this knowledge in an inspiring way for children. The newly renovated facilities including the indoor gymnasium, science lab, 2 libraries and a computer room was also a plus and we strongly believe that a good learning environment helps children grow better. Finally, the central location of the school in Tivat, near the biggest park in town really makes a big difference. Children can benefit from a safe and clean environment at their door step. We feel very privileged to be members of the KSI community and being able to count on a good school for our children will definitely motivate us to stay longer in the area".  - Audrey, Year 7 and Year 9 Parent.​